Liz Davidson

Stack of books - Liz Davidson

'I still can't find any really early work although I know I saved a story I wrote about a tree, age about 7, but what I have kept are all my notebooks/sketchbooks, piles of them, rounded corners where various dogs have teethed on them and the striking thing to me, about the notebooks I mean, not the dog, is how much writing there is in them, some, more than sketches for work. And how my writing has changed over the years, alas not my spelling. My art college days were the beginning of having to write ....a lot...about your work. Being dyslexic this was agony, but I love to read and have a great love of calligraphy, marks, gestures, and am a font freak. And it's fun to look back over the years and see how many artist books I've made. So, for me there is a definite link between childhood preoccupations and my work to day.'