Ben D Gedig

Painting now
Painting then
The Painting In The Attic (or more accurately, under the bed)
Age 7 – I would be an artist.

Age 17 – painted this.

Age 18 – proudly showed the little bearded man a photo of it at my Bolton foundation course interview.

Humiliation – “Well, you got it out of your system.”

Age 21 – burned everything I’d ever created.

Believed the painting was gone too.

My nephew had it under his mattress (bad back).

Became a van driver.

Eventually became a graphic designer.

Forgot about fine art.

Age 53 – began a part-time degree.

I don’t paint.

I manifest indifference (to what others think of my work).

Fuck you Roger Hampson – that’s what I think.

Ben D Gedig
(Ben D Gedig is a divison of Man in The Street Enterprises – a wholly owned subsidiary of Rob Stephen)