Lesley Bricknell

Back to black - Lesley Bricknell
'As a young art student in the ’60s I was immersed in tone, structure, surface all executed in black drawing media.  No colour was permitted for over a term.  We were not to be let loose on that particular media.  My mother said to one of my sisters ‘why does Lesley use so much black in her work’ long after colour was actually permitted.  I’ve heard that within Steiner education black is actually forbidden in art work and is not supplied with crayons and paint.  Recently I have become engaged in monoprinting in monochrome.  It is years since I worked in this way and I need to explore it further.  But whilst working in the studio I am connected to my early art school experience and the dismay felt by my mother that my work was too dark in all its manifestations!  I do not have any work from those early days but this is an image of my current exploration.  In striking contrast to the vibrant colour photographs I make.'