Bridgette Guerzon Mills

Tree, Linocut,  Bridgette Guerzon Mills , 11 years

'When I was a little girl, I could often be found climbing as high as I could in the trees that surrounded my home. I played in the branches, hid in the branches, and would lay my head down by the roots.  Trees often appear in my mixed media works now and they usually are my attempt to communicate the passage of time and the eternal cycle of life and death.  Trees are a powerful symbol for me- the desire to be rooted into the earth, and yet open to possibilities of the world around through the open branches reaching into the sky. I made this linocut print of this bare branch tree when I was 11 years old to illustrate a poem I wrote.  Unfortunately I don't have the poem anymore or the handmade book that it was bound into.  I do remember that the poem was a little dark, a pre-teen attempt to be deep, I am sure!  

Measuring time, encaustic mixed media 2011 - Bridgette Guerzon Mills 
My work now is often described as melancholic, so I see now while writing this, that the "dark" melancholy has always been a part of my psyche.'