Childhood Memories

Since starting this project a few months ago I have talked with many people who haven't any artwork that survived their childhood. Here are some of their memories: 

I don't have any art from my childhood; if i did i would certainly participate.  i don't even remember drawing much as a child, though i was creative - i mean i had that creative energy.   i did a lot of tree climbing and reading and pretending.  it's just recently occurred to me what a 'pretender' i used to be.  and then i just brushed all that away and got to the 'real world'!  ha!  it just struck me how i'd forgotten that (how much i used to love to pretend, that is)...' Lynne Hoppe

'At 14 years we had to illustrate an 'Aftermath'. I depicted an end of the world in watercolour, black burnt out land, orange sky etc. My work now relates to what is happening to nature with global warming etc. So there does seem to be a link!'

'Between 8 and 10 years I loved to draw the human figure (though I NEVER saw real nudity!) In adulthood I have always loved life drawing and celebrating how lovely is the figure' Diane L

'17 years old - a painting for A level of a gypsy encampment - with a female dancer dancing round the fire (I think!) I just remember movement, warm colour, twirling material. There are links with my current work, not the subject but colour and movement.' Judy C 

'Embroidery completed at primary school relates to my drawings with the pen completing marks like stitches' 

'I made some little Christmas cards using boat images from the Good News Bible when I was 13, I still use the boat symbol now and enjoy simple shapes that convey meaning.' Lucie W

'I don't recall any particular images from my childhood artwork. During my teenage years I used very dark sombre colours (my life was dark then). I still fight shy of colour but I'm trying to rectify this (my life is not dark now).'

'As a child in primary school, I used to cover the outside of my exercise books with drawings of ballerinas, medieval 'ladies', fashionable girls in hot pants.......(it was the 70's!) When I think about myself at that time I know I was always searching for 'beauty' (in books, in things)....... I still am....' Deborah  

'Fluff blue colour painted on sugar paper with watery children's paint at aged 6. There was a freedom expressed through the process of applying the paint, sploshing it about, swirling over the paper. Don't paint much now but love 'freedom'  Liz S

'I made a sculpture, ethereal form, dark/light, spiritual, good/bad at Saturday morning art classes. It was white, madonna/mother and baby/child and can be viewed upside down for darker side. There are connections to now - spiritual, ethereal, portraiture, dark/light and so on' Liz T 

'Hospital Corners' - Being 'taught' how to make a bed aged 12. Unconsciously this rigour has become evident in the way I use my studio' Phil P